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Pro Series Carburetor Build Sheet


CCS Pro Series Carburetors are for Racers who will settle for nothing less than a custom built carburetor specific to his Engine Class Specifications. Our carburetors are availiable from 600 to 1400 cfm.




  • Each Venturi will be Machined on a 5 Axis CNC to accomplish the exact venturi size and roundness for the specific CFM.
  • All Surfaces are machined to ensure positive sealing for gasket surfaces.
  • Boosters are selected and machined to the fuel curve specs on an End Mill and then locked after leveling.
  • CNC Billet Metering Blocks are 5 Hole Emulsion adjustable.
    • Choice of 2 or 3 circuits based on the Engine Class Specifications
    • Metering blocks will be blueprinted to fuel curve specs
  • CNC Billet Base Plates with High Flow throttle plates and screws with adjustable idle on the primary and secondary. No vacuum ports on the base plate.  Base plate is Teflon sealed with shaft end seals.
  • Light weight aluminum Fuel Bowls with high flow dual inlets and dual sight classes on each bowl.
    • Applications with 1100 HP and up will include a CNC dual needle and seat float bowl.


CCS uses a State of the Art Flow Bench with Audie Tech Software to test each custom carburetor to ensure the desired CFM and Fuel Curve is achieved per your specifications. 

Our Pro Series Carburetor require a Carburetor Tech Sheet to help achieve the customer goals.

Please click on the link below for a printable sheet.

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