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About Us


Carburetor Collectibles Specialty or CCS is a small family-owned East Coast Shop located in sunny Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Each carburetor is a work of art to us.  We work on one carburetor at a time which allows us to customize each detail that you require on your specialty carburetor.


CCS has been building carburetors for over 40 years!   EBay has allowed us to platform our inventory worldwide everything from a Float to an Idle Mixture Screw.   At present, CCS has over 4969 specialty Carburetors and Parts listed in our Ebay store. 

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CCS started selling carburetors on EBay in 2003.  We have been able to preserve a 100% (31684)positive feedback with our customers.  Customer Satisfaction is our target with every customer.



Our Goal is to rebuild each Carburetor to look as new as the day it was first taken out of the box!  Whether it it 5 years old or 50 years old!



Quality is important to any manufacturer.

We emphasize quality Holley QFT AED CCS Components through each step of our building process. We make every effort to be as efficient as possible so we can present a competitive price. 




 CCS 1050 Dominator Pro-Q Series